Half Bearing, Bushing, Washer

Metal Bearings

Lead Bronze

Good in wear resistance, load resistance, impact load resistance, and heat resistance. It can be used for places where the speed and the load would be a problem.

Sintered Material
F-100 Bushings and washers that are excellent against high impact and vibration load.
F-250 Bushings and washers with excellent conformability.
F-770 Half bearings, bushings and washers, which can also be used as a soft shaft.
F-780 High-load half bearings. They are widly used for various types of engines.
FC170 Half bearings with higher load capacity compared to F-780.

Cast Material
F-112 Half bearings which present excellent seizure resistance with the best load resistance.

Aluminium Alloy

Excellent in anticorrosine and fatigue resistance, since it is better in wear resistance compared to bronze.

FA66T Midium load bushings and washers, which are excellent in seizure resistance.
FA136 Half bearings with excellent seizure resistance.
FA236 Heavy load bushings and washers with good seizure resistance.

Resin Bearings

Complex Type

Resin bearings are widly used for different types of sliding positions, and are required to be lead-free for better consideration of the enviroment.

We have taken this on board and made most of our resin bearings lead free.

They contain several layers for better performance.

FR936 can be used for various purposes, such as: general industrial products, hydraulic products, home electric appliances, automobile parts, textile machines, packing machines, etc.

A mixture of PTFE and special fillers achieves both and wear-resistance and low-friction coefficient.

FR936 Lead-free oilless resin bearings.
This is structured with a triple layered material, which contains sintered bronze powder and special fillers with PTFE on a steel back plate.
FR111 This is a boundary lubricating bearing that presents the smallest coefficient in fricrion.
The surface layer is improved with graphite to achieve lowest coefficient in friction, and made to be twice* as thick has improved its durability. (compared to our other products with similar functions.)
Suitable for: motorcycle front forks, automobile struts, etc.
FR151 This is a boundary lubricating bearing that performs the best against wear.
It contains toughening agent, lead, and tin alloy with PTFE on surface layer for better durability.
Suitable for: shock absorber, oil pumps, etc.
FR161 This is an improvement in both wear-resistance and low-friction under either fluid or boundary lubrication conditions.
Reinforcing fiber is contained to strengthen the surface layer, and it improves bothe wear-resistance and low-friction
FR165 This performs excellent in wear-resistance in a boundary lubricating conditon such as oil pumps.
FR900 This is a multifunctional spray coating technique. It can be applied on complex shapes and various materials including: metals, rubbers, and plastics.
Functions: high film srtength, excellent adhesiveness, low friction under oiless conditions, unti rusting effect, and effect of preventing a creaking sound, etc.
FR90A This is a material with a multifunctional coating on a stainless steel plate, which allows you to use it for your own purposes with excellent functions.

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